PSA: My inbox this morning…

Ok, I’m posting this here because this is the only fandom where I have ever experienced something like this…

Last night I made a post that expressed how seeing all the fan photos at comic con made me sad/jealous, because Norman canceled on Columbus and I will not be able to meet him. My post read to the tune of, “Seeing all of your fan photos is killing me because I will never meet him!”.  Somehow this was interpreted by several people as hate towards Norman and my inbox was filled with ranting, rude, and unnecessary comments. One suggested that darwinism should run its course, and that I should die. What?

I live in the Columbus area, have a job, budget, and life. I can’t drop everything to hit up comic cons all over the country.  I was simply saying that his canceling makes it that much harder to see other people meet him, because I know my chance won’t come again until he actually does come to Columbus. Yes I know that “never” is an absolute, but my use of it was not literal. I know that I may get the chance to meet him one day. It was subtle sarcasm. That’s it folks. Calm down.

I deleted the post because I don’t enjoy having my inbox filled with hate.

So PSA here is: Think before submitting those anonymous comments. Just because the mask of the internet hides your true identity, doesn’t mean you aren’t being an asshole. 


Ariel buys tampons by Marlo Meekins

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